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Pentax K30 DSLR undergoing aperture control sensor repair

Public Service

Camera servicing and donation

I have been quietly learning how to repair and service photographic equipment and over the years have donated time and repaired equipment to students, or instructors with students in need. Sometimes it's just cleaning a very dirty donated camera, cleaning the interior optics of a lens, or donating time for free sensor cleanings at photo clubs. 

This is where you can help! If you have old photographic equipment (SLR cameras. Old Digital SLR bodies, expired/old film, SLR lenses, bags, chargers, etc that are of no use to you, feel free to send them to me where they will be sorted, cleaned, and if deemed usable for students, I will place them in the donation area at Dodd Camera Cleveland. If something is broken, or something I can't fix, I'll either recycle what I can (saving battery doors, caps, hoods, etc) or sell it for parts. 

If I sell equipment for parts, know that I will be using the money to replenish supplies (cleaning fluids, test batteries, sensor swabs, etc) or purchasing new tools (Spanner wrench, small screwdriver sets, battery testers, battery chargers, etc) that will help me continue doing this.

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